Civil Litigation

We have extensive experience in representing businesses and individuals in a wide variety of civil litigation matters, including complex business disputes involving partners, shareholders, investors, managers and more.  We are well versed in trials, arbitrations and mediations.  We will devise and implement aggressive, intelligent litigation strategies with an eye toward resolving matters quickly and efficiently.

Our experience with both civil and criminal law also gives us a unique perspective, opening up a new level of analysis that can be invaluable to our clients.

Criminal Defense

Our criminal practice encompasses a wide range of crimes, with a focus on the white collar variety.  We have represented numerous clients in cases involving embezzlement, bribery, conflict of interest, mail and wire fraud and other similar crimes.

We have experience with all stages of criminal prosecution, including issues related to bail, pretrial restraining orders, complex prosecutorial misconduct motions, evidentiary hearings and motions to dismiss.


We have extensive experience with civil and criminal appellate practice in both State and Federal courts, including the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and Sixth Circuit.